NOC Specialist 2 (IP-1)

We are seeking a NOC Specialist 2 (IP-1) for a very important client

-Provide technical support for IP services for a private network. Support requires physical layer data link network layer knowledge. 
-Monitor, analyze and troubleshoot network problems within an operations center utilizing network management and monitoring tools. 
-Monitor the alarm conditions on the network to proactively identify and minimize disruption and impact to the network. 
-Employ test methods to analyze channelized/unchannelized T1 and T3 utilizing DACs equipment 
-Utilize test methods to analyze/troubleshoot Ethernet; IP; Frame Relay; ATM; WAN; LAN 
-Work with Local Exchange Carriers ILECs IXCs to resolve WAN problems 
-Work with onsite technicians remotely to resolve local issues 
-Expertise in remote maintenance and repair of the following network equipment is preferred: Cisco, Sycamore, and APC. 
-Resolve problems using internal and external groups as needed to correct trouble on the network and interact with the customer. 
-This position is part of a 24x7 network control environment. Shift and workday flexibility is required. 

The ideal candidate will possess the following skills:

-Bachelor’s degree in Telecommunications Engineering, Networking, Information Technology or related field. 
-Domain knowledge of data protocols including TCP/IP, Frame Relay, and ATM 
-Understanding of router protocols such as OSPF, BGP, and RIP. 
-Thorough understanding of signaling protocols, TDM framing/timing, IP based networks and SONET infrastructure. 
-Cisco networking equipment knowledge; CCNA preferred.