Network Controller Operator

*****Eligible for relocation/sign on bonus**********


Newberry is looking for a Network Controller/Operator Intermediate to serve as technical specialist responsible for the monitoring, operating and managing, troubleshooting and restoring to service any of the components comprising the DISN or DRSN networks.


These include data/voice communications equipment, multiplexers (such as modems, circuit switching units, data switching units, secure telephone switches and PBX’s), data terminal equipment, (such as front-end processors, routers, 3270/SNA devices) and transmission media (such as coaxial and twisted pair cables, satellite, microwave, and fiber optics both vendor-provided and government owned).


Performs pro-active monitoring of network elements alarms and alerts to identify those components/elements that may lead to or already are causing network degradation or failure. Accomplishes this through use of network management system(s) and associated assets on a continuous (rotating shifts) basis.


Performs fault isolation and diagnostic/assessment functions to include determination and execution of corrective action(s) on real-time basis.


Interfaces with functional users as well as remote operations centers in both routine and reactive monitoring situations.


Maintains logs and records associated with reported problems or situations.


Executes all reporting functions and data input associated with network management.


Monitors security posture of network(s); reports suspected violations to designated authority.


Coordinates with configuration management and implementation entities to ensure optimum dissemination of information and network efficiency.


Performs operator level maintenance on all components/assets associated with network management systems.


Provides functional guidance, supervision, technical support, training and quality assurance/quality control to Associate personnel.


This position requires two years experience of which one year must be specialized experience in one or more of the following areas: Evaluation of ADP software, equipment, telecommunications, integration and modeling of large computer based systems.  Configuring and implementing data communications processors, routers, Switches, multiplexers, DSU/CSU modems, line (DS, T1, T3, and ISDN) and related equipment.  Design of Standard network suites, hardware configurations, and standard cable schemes to include cable engineering.


A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Communication Systems or related scientific, computer, or communications systems field which supports the duty requirements is preferred.